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The Durham Manufacturing Company


Established in 1922 and based in the historic town of Durham, Connecticut, our company has built a sterling reputation as one of the top producers and distributors specializing in industrial storage, metal and plastic products used in packaging, storing, and organizing maintenance products. Heavy-duty material handling equipment, storage units, steel cabinets, industrial workbenches, and work stations are also part of the core of the Durham Manufacturing business. In addition to these products, we manufacture top-of-the-line shelving and racks, first-aid boxes and cabinets, safety products such as flammable storage and gas cylinder cabinets. Literature and mail organizers.

Our manufacturing plants located in central Connecticut and Juarez Mexico employ state-of-the-art technology and rank among the top manufacturing and distribution facilities in the industry, encompassing more than a quarter of a million square feet of space.

Manufacturing at our plants is based on the precision fabrication, at a high speed, of sheet and coiled steel. These plants use technology like automated stamping, forming, welding, degreasing, and powder-coating equipment. Many of the production units used by Durham Manufacturing are robotic and use computer numerical control (CNC) technology; CNC refers to a computerized, automated controller that reads computer code instructions and uses them to aid in the operation of the machine. Our plants also have the capability of including plastic injection molding, silk screening, and offering a choice of finish colors in the production process.

Our company operates a network of four strategically-located warehouses throughout the United States. This series of warehouses allows us to ensure that the majority of our standard industrial storage product lines consistently remain in stock.  Distributors have the option of coming to our warehouses to pick up their orders personally.

Our warehouse system also serves to drastically decrease the cost of shipping and freight charges. Shipments are made free on board (FOB) from the warehouse location, not from the factory, a process which saves time and money for our customers.

Durham Manufacturing also offers customers a full range of value-added services, including electronic data interchange (EDI) ordering and invoicing, automated order receipt and shipment acknowledgment, and the custom labeling and bar coding of shipping cartons. Special production customization services involving specific colors, company names, and logos are also available through our company. If reselling or informational materials are needed, the design and production of any advertising material is available in digital format.

Our company is very proud of the highly-trained, technically-competent staff working in the Inside Sales/Customer Service department. Regional managers work with this team to assure quick, responsive sales and service from coast to coast.

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